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If you're finding it difficult to work out how much cash for your car or van is worth and find yourself scratching your head, asking your friends... how much is my car worth and how can I value my car quickly - you've come to the right place.


We take the guess work out of getting a valuation for your vehicle. No more stabbing in the dark or using classifieds to work out what your car, bike, van or caravan is worth. We'll give you a quick and accurate valuation for your car in seconds. And best of all, it's absolutely FREE.


It's a system that works by taking the details you give us (registration, make, model, condition) and combining it with current market values, taking into account both seasonal and economic situations. Guaranteeing you the best price, every time.


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Use the Sell My Car Quick Online Value My Vehicle Form on the right or choose your vehicle type below and see what your car, van, bike or caravan is worth today!


Sell My Car Quick also offers a scrappage service. If you need to scrap your car, van, bike or caravan and it's beyond repair, don't worry, find out what we can do for you.

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Sell My Car Quick Service


Quickly get a quote for the current value of your car, taking into account up to the minute market data to give you the most accurate vehicle valuation every time.

Sell My Van Quick Service


Sell your van in an instant by getting an accurate quote for your vehicle in minutes. We'll have you waving goodbye to the transit and saying hello to some cash in no time at all.

Sell My Bike Quick Service


We buy all makes, models and types of motorbike, from sports bikes to cruisers and everything in between Start selling your motorbike now.

Sell My Caravan Quick Service


Looking for a quick and simple solution to selling your caravan? Start here and have a fair and accurate valuation of your caravan in your inbox in minutes.

Scrap My Vehicle Quick Service


If your vehicle is beyond repair and you're looking for a quick and easy solution to scrapping your car click here to find out how we can take it off your hands.

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